August 20th, 2018

I have had a couple messages asking where the music is!


I'm on vacation for a few weeks.

Life, fatherhood, work and being a selector is hard work!

I will return soon with Episode 100!   You Read that Right 100 Episodes!!  

This couldn't have been done without the amazing team that has helped me throughout the past six years:

Post Modern Company - The Amazing Denver Post House that Helped take the Show to a New Level

Savory Spice Shop - www.SavorySpiceShop.com - My Favorite Place to Shop for Spices that has turned in to a huge supporter of the show.  If you love my show and want to show your appreciation, please shop at Savory Spice Shop.  Keep your food Clean and delicious.

Brooke Shaffner - Audio Engineer Supreme and my Pro Tools Guru


All The Great Musical Artists, Producers and Companies that I have been Lucky Enough to work with:

Easy Star Records

Team Upsettas

Autarchii Howklear




MPI Consulting


Irie Love

and More!

But Most importantly, its You, The Listeners and Fans:


I am so humbled by all the listeners around the world of Frankie B's Reggae Session. When I started this podcast I wasn't expecting that it would grow to what it is.


I wasn't ever expecting artists and producers would be fans as well! I am so humbled and grateful.


Stay tuned!

More music, more love and MORE TIME! Episode 100 is massive!

If you're new to the show, you can always listen on iTunes, Google Music or just go to:



Frankie B

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