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The session is now a syndicated Show thanks to Afro*Disiac Radio

Catch us every Tuesday! (Check the site for your local time) or listen to the podcast for the repeat!


Frankie B's Reggae Session started to showcase Reggae Music to the massive.  So while we continue to play artists that you love, please continue to Support Reggae music!  If you like the music in my show, Go out and buy the music to support these artist and producers.  Share their work on Social Media!  your involvement Spreading the word on social media could make the difference in these artist success in your region of the world.

The Session is independently run and produced with the motivation of getting more people listening to Reggae, so spread the word about the show, like us on your favorite podcast provider and leave us a review. 

if you ever have a question about a song, artist, riddim or just want to say Hi, you can reach Frankie B here

But most importantly:

More Peace, More Love, More Respect, More Understanding.


Frankie B

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