Music Reviews

By Frankie B

April 25, 2017

Rockers Int and Equiknoxx Music Presents:

Addis Pablo Majestic Melodies Mixtape (2017) Rockers Int


Rockers International and Equiknoxx Music release Addis Pablo Majestic Melodies Mixtape.


The 18 track mixtape blends dub reggae with various musical influences across genres with fresh

sounding interpretations on melodica in original rockers style. 


Addis Pablo´s heavy traditional melodica influence and musical blending style introduce aspects of authentic (new) dub reggae music into the mainstream music narrative. 


Majestic Melodies Mixtape samples diverse artists and genres from Bob Marley, Sugar Minott, Wailing Souls and Dillinger to inspirations from Drake (Roll Deep - Cali P Dubplate) and Dr Dre on ‘Can´t Forget about Pablo’, ailing as testament to the legendary legacy of the Pablo lineage and its influence on the musical dub roots reggae scene in Jamaica and beyond. 


A Remix of ´King Tubby´s Meets the Rockers Uptown´ also features as a salutation to the upcoming re-release of the iconic King Tubby´s Meets Rockers Uptown album. 


As with Rockers tradition, the Majestic Melodies Mixtape includes

features and collaborations from many rare and emerging artists, as well as established artists, including:

 Earl 16, Shanique Marie, Akane, Cali P, Exile Di Brave, Tesfa Zion, Mr Williams, Lila Ike, Ulo, Earl Zero and Petayan.

  Majestic Melodies is the first solo mixtape from Addis Pablo following his 2014 debut album ‘In My Fathers House’. The mixtape precedes the official Majestic Melodies EP release of all original productions, to be followed by a Vinyl release, later in 2017.

Sevana - Self Titled EP

November 02, 2016

It seems like Sevana virtually came out of nowhere in 2015 on Protoje's Album, Distant Future.  The two hard hitting tracks "Love Gone Cold" and "Sudden Flight" gave the world enough of an introduction to this new Artist to ask ourselves, whose Sevana?


Soon after, Sevana released "A Bit Too Shy" (Produced by Wynta James of Overstand Entertainment and Protoje of In.Digg.Nation), a beautiful track that is not only masterfully produced, but carries such a perfect balance in sweet lyrics that give the impression of the innocence of youth that artists these days are so afraid to reveal these days with an amazing vocal strength and beauty that can only be compared to that of some great blend of Beyonce and Edith Piaf.  

After "A Bit Too Shy" though, Sevana's releases seemed to stop.  In an industry where Artists seem to pump out singles and tracks on riddims on almost a weekly basis, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit worried.  It's always a possibility that young Artists get a bad taste for the industry, decide it's not for them and return to their "normal life", which in this case would have been a real disappointment.  

Obviously this is not the case, as the Sevana - Self Titled EP was released in July 2016.

The Sevana EP feels very refined, unapologetically sweet and honest.  Much like "A Bit Too Shy" (which is included on the album) the tracks are well produced and feel unrushed.  What the EP lacks in quantity (6 Tracks that runs at approximately 24 minutes total), more than make up for it in quality.  

From the first track, "Carry You" sets the mood of the EP.  Instead of the rootsy riddim of "A Bit Too Shy",  it is a light and acoustical love song that perpetuates the passion that only comes from the experience of a first love, which seems to be an ongoing theme throughout the EP.  In a time where there is so much hate for one another, rebellion and resistance, it is an extreme pleasure to hear someone embracing love and the love of life.  "Rawle" also carries this same thematic feel, but is a literal reminiscence about a lost childhood love that is so sweet and slightly sad.  Sevana has the ability to take personal moments in time and turn it in to a relatable story that even the hardest yardie has felt at least one time in their life.


The EP feels extremely personal and very fine tuned which I'm sure is in a large part due to Wynta James and Overstand Entertainment's production team.  This doesn't feel like a first album and hopefully won't be the last we hear from Sevana.  This EP has definitely set the bar higher for the music industry in general.  Sevana has a whole heap of potential and can't wait to see what's next!


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